OMOTESANDOU 2017 Residence_Omotesandou_Tokyo

Use :
Size :
240 ㎡
Type :
architect / designer / contractor / construction manager

Possibilities of long corridors

The joy of walking changes according to what kind of space awaits you at the destination

An L-shaped house with a long corridor

This penthouse has a long corridor. Although it was planned according to restrictions imposed by the site, it has some enjoyable aspects when seeing it from different viewpoints other than a viewpoint of looking at it as a circulation path. It is rather unusual to walk such a long distance within a house in daily life.

First of all, the corridor offers a good view of the other side of the house from one side of the house across the garden. In a house with a typical square plan, one cannot get a view of the other side of the house from one side of the house. In the L-shaped house, I feel that the exterior and interior spaces seem more closely connected and creating a more pleasant environment.

Moreover, the long corridor gives people a strong visual and physical impression of walking or moving. Walking would be a daily stress when one thinks of it as an obligation, but if there is a walking destination to look forward to (just like when children go for school outing) walking is a lot of fun and the corridor turns into an extremely enjoyable space.

Considering the fact that the meaning and image of a corridor change greatly according to what awaits at the end of it, architecture is full of wonders and very humane.

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