Italian Craftsman

Italian Craftsman

Italy attracts a lot of acclaim for its excellent design. Many people, including myself, are fascinated with Italy’s unique world of design in the fields of fashion, furniture, cars and more. While the definition of “excellent design” may vary person to person, I feel that Italian design has a special kind of “glow.”

I also find the special “glow” in the world of Italian craftsmanship as well as design.

This workshop, located in the old town of Florence, specializes in the repair of antique lighting fixtures. When I talk with the craftsman, it is interesting to note that he seems to think that a person making things is superior to a person buying things. I acknowledge sincere pride he takes in his work.

The Japanese word “iki” (meaning “refinement”, “sophistication”, “essence”, “style” etc.) symbolizes a culture which not only pursues practical functions but also places a high value on spiritual satisfaction. I feel happy to find the same spirit of “iki” kept alive in this workshop.


Completion: 2016
Location: Florence, Italy

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