OMOTESANDOU 2014 Shop+Atelier_Omotesandou_Tokyo

Use :
Shop / Atelier
Size :
120 ㎡
Type :
architect / contractor / project manager / construction manager / manufacturer / artisan

A free space where unique small characters gather

Small spaces with different functions including a shop, gallery, and workshop gather to constitute the whole space
The individual spaces are interconnected, stimulate each other in free and creative ways to create a unique character as a unified space

A space as a final destination of the traveling brand

A thirty-plus year-old building was renovated into a shop and atelier of a jewelry brand AURORA GRAN. The building is located at the end of the alleyway within a close proximity from Omotesando avenue, and it is surprisingly quiet despite the hustle and bustle of the main avenue.

Through various design studies to find the best way to express the world view of the "traveling brand" using various forms, we created a tube-like void space at the center of the building which extends from the floor to the roof and is surrounded by several small spaces. The small spaces each used as a shop, atelier, photo shoot space and gallery are placed at certain intervals. In terms of design languages, both the "primitive" and "modern" languages are used according to the use of each space. We built not only the architectural space, but also various furniture pieces in different sizes for displaying works, art objects and more.

Some of the pieces were built through the long struggles to find the best forms and details, while other pieces were built on the spot through ad-hoc processes.
The conceived space has a free and vibrant atmosphere reflecting such creative vibes of the place.

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