SHIBUYA 2016 Residence_Shibuya_Tokyo

Use :
Size :
200 ㎡
Type :
architect / contractor / project manager / construction manager

A new form embracing a big family and a big city

A house for a big family in a big city, much needed in the coming era
A space where two different layers overlap

An urban¬-type house centered around a gathering place for a family, their relatives and friends

Two keywords for this house are "family" and "city."

A "big family" provokes an image of a traditional life style in a countryside where a family and their relatives comprising several generations live in the same house or in the same neighborhood. In this house, the family and people around them live in the same way: everybody is interconnected, help each other, and gather frequently.

In spite of such close-knit relationships of the family and the community, this space exists in the center of a big city and the architectural design fully reflects urban diversity and rationality.

The most unique quality of this space is the relationship between such life style and the architectural space. A living space embraces a "big family" and a "big city" that are the opposite ends of the spectrum, and proposes a new form of family life in an urban environment.

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