SHIROGANE 2008 Cultural asset_Shirogane_Tokyo

Use :
Private school
Size :
10000 ㎡
Type :
architect / contractor / project manager / construction manager / artisan

Architectural planning embodying the school’s unique philosophy and educational ideology

The main building and the cathedral, both nearly 100 years old are the focus of the renovation

Restoration of a variety of artisanal craftsmanship in danger of being lost

Among the many private schools in Japan, this school is by far one of the most well-known for its history and prestige. The educational philosophy based on Catholicism is found in every corner of the school environment—obviously had a significant impact on the architecture project.
The project site is one of the largest campus in Tokyo with a number of buildings. The main building and the cathedral, both nearly 100 years old are the focus of the renovation. Although the project’s main purpose was the renewal of equipment and finishing materials, it was made clear that there should be no alteration with the appearance of the original design. Architectural designing attempts to respond to the changing times by the use of the latest techniques/technology and ingenuity—all which can be interpreted as a form of philosophical language. These efforts being non-visible, there is an interesting similarity with the Catholic spirit.

In this building, the careful detailed craftsmanship has been fully used. Rather than a refurbishment of a school, the worksite seemed more of for a restoration work of a historical cultural property. Continuing to carry on unchanged history, it is all the more important to have the flexibility of proactively incorporating new technologies and ideas support the foundation of the plan.

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